Our Treats

What treats are in a Ruv'd Box?

Every month we will send you a box of dehydrated treats that are sourced from various farms across Canada and the USA, all of which will aid your dog's nutritional needs. 
We ensure the highest quality products by producing and packaging in our hometown of Calgary, Alberta.  
Since we are in control of the entire process we guarantee that there are no additives, preservatives or any addition chemicals. You get 100% real treats with real flavour.

Every Month You Will Get*

  • 4 oz of Muscle Meat

  • 4 oz of Organ Meat

  • 4 oz of Bones

  • 2 - 4 oz of Chews

  • 4 oz of Non-Meat or Seafood

*Our Ruv'd Box Mini customers get the same products but only 2 oz of each, perfect for smaller dogs, picky dogs or young dogs.